A Life Without The Internet

By May 2, 2013 Tech News No Comments

Can you imagine life without the internet? Paul Miller, a senior editor at The Verge, made the decision to disconnect from the internet for an entire year because he felt he was losing himself to the never-ending web. On May 1st 2012 Paul Miller officially began his year long internet fast. A year later Paul Miller has come back to the internet to share what a life is like being disconnected from the internet in an ever-connected world. Was he able to “find” himself again? Did life take on a new meaning once he was forced to interact with individuals on a human level?

In the beginning Paul Miller did enjoy life away from the connected world. He went out and “lived” life and met with people face to face. He was able to rid himself of his distractions and prioritize his life. But as time went on he found himself finding other non-connected ways to distract himself. The blossoming social life faded away and he would spend days alone in his apartment. What Paul Miller ultimately realized is that life is the result of the  choices you make. It doesn’t matter whether you’re connected or not. If you choose to be disconnected from the world you can do so without disconnecting from the internet. He came to realize that as distracting as the internet can be, since the rest of the world is connected, being connected to the internet was better than not. Technology may distract us but it also lets us connect in a way never available before to man. Its our decision whether or not to use it responsibly.

Thank you Paul Miller and welcome back to the internet.


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