Amazon Exclusive SF Coated Ultra Fit Case

By May 20, 2013 SPIGEN News 2 Comments

As we continue to grow as a brand we want to differentiate all of our various outlets as we expand our customer base. Therefore we are here to introduce our New Amazon exclusive SF Coated Ultra Fit Case for the Galaxy S4. The SF coat, which stands for Soft Feeling, offers a soft non-slip grip which should bode well for those who want to keep the slim profile of the S4 while using it in hand.  At $9.99 you will not find a better fitted and designed slim case to complement your Galaxy S4. While the Ultra Fit Case is available in a soft matte black and soft matte white, the new SF coated Ultra Fit is only available in the black. Check out our Amazon storefront for more exclusive cases and deals!



  • Kiantao says:


    Is there any other colors available ? E.g. Mint color

    Kindly advise thanks.


    • SPIGEN says:

      We have the SF Coated Ultra Fit is only available in Black. Other colors are available however they do not have the SF coating.

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