They say  imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Recently there has been a large number of imitation Slim Armors and Neo Hybrids being sold on various online outlets such as Amazon and eBay. It has come to our attention that our customers are being deceived by lower prices into purchasing these lower quality counterfeits. Nothing compares to the real thing. We’re here to show you how to spot the differences.

SPIGEN Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor


Spigen Quality

Spigen is known for making high quality products. We don’t cut corners and are always trying to innovate and refine our products. This commitment to design and quality sometimes causes us to have a shortage of stock. However we’re not willing to sacrifice premium quality to mass produce a lower quality product.

When you purchase genuine Spigen products you know you’re getting an exclusive product. Not only are the materials premium, but you’re getting the satisfaction that comes with a genuine product. That’s something money can’t buy. You also get our warranty that covers all of our products. If by chance Spigen’s quality control falls short, we will issue an official recall and everyone will receive a revised product at no additional cost. We take great pride in our products and will always back up any defects or problems with our solid customer service.

Where to buy Authentic Spigen Products

Official Spigen Store                 Official Spigen Amazon Store                  Official Spigen eBay Store



  • David says:

    Yes I am using real spigen s/n 2FCVT-6WNJS but the Valentinus iPhone 5 Ultra Thin air is breaking away at the sides that hold the phone in. Is this a common fault or did mine come from a bad batch? This issue didn’t happen on the iPhone 4 version, maybe because the phone was thicker, so the sides had more strength?

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