Introducing Our Latest Innovation: The Slim Armor View!

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This Slim Armor View case is the FIRST of its kind! Up until now you’ve had to choose between either a hard case or a  S-View enabled case, but no longer. The Slim Armor View takes our protective Slim Armor and combines it with our S-View compatible flip cover so bring you the ultimate case in protection and functionality. By using an innovative double hinge design, the front flip cover folds completely flat when opened allowing for ease of use without obstructing access to the buttons. Due to the precision necessary to create the Slim Armor View case stock will be limited. Currently the white is available with the black becoming available in the near future.



Spigen Hands-On With Google Glass

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Last week Spigen was out in New York City for a special press event and while there we were able to get our hands on Google Glass. While we were only able to use it for a few minutes we can definitely see what all the hype is about. The potential for this type of wearable of technology is endless. To get an idea of what life with Google Glass is like check out the video below.



Spigen’s Galaxy Note 8.0 Accessories

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Today AT&T announced that the LTE enabled Galaxy Note 8.0 will be available on June 21st for $399 with a two year contract or $199 when bundled with a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Activ, or Galaxy Note 2. AT&T offers monthly data plans at $15, $30, and $50. While we question the pricing of the Note 8.0, we can fully recommend our great accessories for the Galaxy Note 8.0. Our Slimbook Case is the perfect balance of style and functionality and our Steinheil Screen Protectors are the best in the industry. Check out the product page for more up-close pictures!




Spigen at E3!

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This year Spigen was lucky enough to attend Electronic Entertainment Expo! E3 is the largest gaming convention in the world and was especially extravagant this year with the introduction of next generation consoles! We were able to get our hands on the PS4 and Xbox One and must say we are thoroughly impressed with the direction console games are going! We’re still organizing all the amazing photos that we took but here’s a few teasers from E3!








Slim Armor Comparison Facts

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S4 Dimensions

Dimensions 136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9 mm

Weight 4.59 oz

Slim Armor

Dimensions   141.25mm x 74.51mm x 11.05mm

Weight 1.40 oz


Dual Layer
TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) back
Surface is UV coated for scratch protection
Glossy Finish
Matte color option

Otterbox Commuter

Dimensions 143.25mm x 78.92mm x 14.58mm

Weight 1.60 oz


Dual Layer
Silicone back
No coating on surface
Slight shine finish
No matte color option

If this ins’t enough to convince you that we’ve got you covered then check out our Limited Edition FULL ARMOR set.


GLAS.t Nano Slim Officially Announced!

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At long last we are proud to announce our newest and thinnest member of our GLAS family, the GLAS.t Nano Slim. The Nano Slim shaves down to an incredible .15mm of thinness! Even at .15mm the Nano Slim is rated at 9H hardness of 100% real tempered glass and offers a touch sensation that is unparalleled. The GLAS.t Nano Slim is for someone who is looking for the ultimate in scratch resistance and visual clarity without sacrificing weight. It is available now at our Official Webstore and will soon be available on our Official Amazon page and Official eBay page.



Fathers Day 30% Off All Leather Goods Including The New SNAP!

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With Apples WWDC and E3 currently in full swing, this week is going to be packed with exciting news. However, don’t forget this Sunday June 16th, is Fathers Day! This year we’re offering a 30% off discount on ALL of our leather products ranging from the Crumena View to our Brand New SNAP Leather Case for the S4! The discount code: GIFT4DAD will be effective from today to June 12th Midnight PST. We would usually leave the event running for the entire week but we want to encourage you to purchase early and leave room for shipping so that the gifts arrive on time.

With the popularity and high demand for our leather goods we also recommend that you check out our Official eBay store if stock on our site is low. The 30% discount is already applied and no code is necessary. The discount is only available on our site and eBay.