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They say  imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Recently there has been a large number of imitation Slim Armors and Neo Hybrids being sold on various online outlets such as Amazon and eBay. It has come to our attention that our customers are being deceived by lower prices into purchasing these lower quality counterfeits. Nothing compares to the real thing. We’re here to show you how to spot the differences.

SPIGEN Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor


Spigen Quality

Spigen is known for making high quality products. We don’t cut corners and are always trying to innovate and refine our products. This commitment to design and quality sometimes causes us to have a shortage of stock. However we’re not willing to sacrifice premium quality to mass produce a lower quality product.

When you purchase genuine Spigen products you know you’re getting an exclusive product. Not only are the materials premium, but you’re getting the satisfaction that comes with a genuine product. That’s something money can’t buy. You also get our warranty that covers all of our products. If by chance Spigen’s quality control falls short, we will issue an official recall and everyone will receive a revised product at no additional cost. We take great pride in our products and will always back up any defects or problems with our solid customer service.

Where to buy Authentic Spigen Products

Official Spigen Store                 Official Spigen Amazon Store                  Official Spigen eBay Store


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iPhone 5S Leaks And Rumors All In One Place

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With WWDC set for June 10th, the rumors and leaks about upcoming Apple products are starting to ramp up. We’ve been gathering all the information on the iPhone 5S and the new entry-level iPhone in one place for all of our readers to stay up to date! Sign up to be notified of any breaking news regarding the next generation of iPhone as well as new Spigen products for the upcoming iPhone!



Memorial Day 20% Off STOREWIDE Sale

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Happy Memorial Day! As we enjoy this wonderful day off in remembrance of those who have served our country, we decided we might as well celebrate by holding a ONE DAY ONLY STOREWIDE 20% off sale! By using the code MEM20 at checkout you can save 20% your entire purchase today! Until midnight tonight (5/27) PST, shop to your hearts content knowing that ALL items on our site are 20% including our hottest selling Galaxy S4 Cases and Screen Protectors! Have a great holiday everyone!


Announcing the SF Coated Ultra Fit For Our Official eBay Store

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Our SF Coated Ultra Fit has been so popular on Amazon that we’ve decided to offer it on our eBay store as well! Different outlets demand different products and our SF Coated Ultra Fit is in high demand from our online retailers. Due to the demand and production issues we experienced a delay in shipments, however all issues have been resolved and our products are back in stock. Our eBay store is the only official Spigen outlet that offers refurbished products at up to 60% off! All refurbished items come with the same warranty covered by our new products and have been tested to ensure the utmost quality.

The SF Coated Ultra Fit is one of the many exclusive items we’ll be bringing out to our online retailers. The SF Coated Ultra Fit offers a non-slip grip while maintaining the slim design of the SF. At $9.99 you will not find a better case with such attention to detail and finish. Available only in the black, the SF Coated Fit just may be the case that you’ve been looking for.



Introducing the Spigen Ultra Flip Case For The Galaxy S4

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The Spigen Ultra Flip Case is our answer to Samsung’s flip cover. Stated in the names, the Ultra Flip Case is a COMPLETE case with flip functionality while the flip cover is just a cover that replaces the backplate of the S4. We’ve built upon Samsung’s cover to create the superior Ultra Flip Case. Not only does it have the same  exact functionality but it offers the option to easily remove the case when you want to use another case. The flip cover is attached to the backplate so even if you wanted to remove it you would have to have another backplate available. We’ve also added in a card storage slot into the flip portion with a specially crafted edge that will avoid stretching to provide even more functionality. Available now in Metallic Black, Metallic Navy, Metallic Red, and Metallic White, the Ultra Flip Case blends seamlessly with the Galaxy S4. Go our store to see additional photos of your favorite colors!



Our New Coated and Klasden Backpacks Take the Stage with Free Agent Management DJ’s

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Our New Coated and Klasden Backpacks have been spotted across the US as they take the stage with Free Agent Management DJ’s. F.A.M. has been using our bags as their go-to choice when travelling for their gigs because they know that a bag is more than just a piece of luggage, it makes a statement of who the DJ is. Not only is the New Coated and Klasden Backpack spacious and functional but its unique styling makes its stand our from all the “wannabes”. Continue to keep an eye out at major entertainment venues to catch a glimpse of our backpacks and enjoy some great music by F.A.M. DJ”s! To get a better idea of where are bags have been travelling too take a look at instagram.com/spigenmusic.

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Amazon Exclusive SF Coated Ultra Fit Case

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As we continue to grow as a brand we want to differentiate all of our various outlets as we expand our customer base. Therefore we are here to introduce our New Amazon exclusive SF Coated Ultra Fit Case for the Galaxy S4. The SF coat, which stands for Soft Feeling, offers a soft non-slip grip which should bode well for those who want to keep the slim profile of the S4 while using it in hand.  At $9.99 you will not find a better fitted and designed slim case to complement your Galaxy S4. While the Ultra Fit Case is available in a soft matte black and soft matte white, the new SF coated Ultra Fit is only available in the black. Check out our Amazon storefront for more exclusive cases and deals!


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Need Your Case Quick? Try our Amazon Store!

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It seems our fans just can’t get enough of our Slim Armor Case and Neo Hybrid Case for the Galaxy S4. With the overwhelming demand for these cases, we’ve been having a hard time keeping them in stock in our webstore. Luckily for you our webstore is not the only option you have. Currently our Amazon Store is fully in-stock with the Slim Armor and Neo Hybrid. If you’re in a rush to get your Spigen case than we recommend you head on over to our Amazon store for a quick and easy purchase with free shipping! While you’e there check out our brand new Amazon exclusive Galaxy S4 Ultra Fit with SF coating for a better grip.



So What Exactly Is The Flip Mate?

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Here at Spigen we’re constantly trying to innovate and develop products that customers not only want but need. We knew immediately that the Galaxy S4 would be immensely popular so we got to work thinking of what new cases we could develop that would complement the S4. One of those products is the Spigen Flip Mate. With the S3 Samsung began to introduce their own custom cases whenever they announced a new flagship device and the S4 is no different. For the Galaxy S3, Samsung introduced to Galaxy users the Flip Case. It was essentially a replacement back cover that had an attached flip cover that would protect the screen. With the release of the S4, Samsung has taken it a step further and added the S-View Flip Cover to its line-up. Both the Flip Cover and S-View Flip Cover replace the back cover of the S4. This essentially leave you with a protected front screen but a bare back on the S4. We decided not only did we want to protect the front of the phone but we wanted to protect the back of the phone as well. The Flip Mate does just that. It is specially designed and formed to fit Samsung S-View Flip Cover and Flip Cover. Available in both Crystal Clear and Soft Clear, the Spigen Flip Mate is the perfect “mate” to the official Flip and S-View case.