SLASHGEAR Reviews Our Ultra Crystal Steinheil Screen Protector For The HTC One

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As we eagerly await the arrival of the HTC One in the United States, various reviewers and tech sites have been lucky enough to get their hands on these finely crafted devices. As much as they love their gadgets, reviewers know to keep them protected as well. Slashgear was gracious enough to  review and publish an article on our HTC One Ultra Crystal Steinheil Screen Protector and mentioned how much they loved the product. In their review they highlight how clear the screen protector is and that sensitivity is unaltered.

… you’ll have just as much touch sensitivity as you had before applying, and you’ll no longer have to worry about gouges and scratches from the top of your reinforced glass to the bottom.

There’s a reason why we’re considered one of the best in the business when it comes to screen protectors and cases. Check out the full review over at SLASHGEAR and check out some great close-ups they have for those how are curious about the fit and finish.

As much as you want to keep that big beautiful screen scratch-free we also recommend checking out our HTC One Ultra Thin Air to protect the HTC One without obstructing the design.


The Crosby Press Reviews Our New Coated Backpack

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The Crosby Press, a popular lifestyle blog that focuses on all aspects of fashion, media, and art, does a review on our New Coated Backpack and praises it by saying there are, “11 different nooks and crannies in there so your gadgets will never have to touch each other again“. Being the gadget-fanatics that we are we’ve taken special care to design a backpack with all the compartments we would want in our own bag. Head over to The Crosby Press for the full review and check some of the shots they’ve taken of the New Coated Backpack!

More Compartments Than You Can Shake a Stick At: The Spigen SGP Backpack


Review: Galaxy Nexus Case by Android Police and DroidLife

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Does your Galaxy Nexus feel… naked? SPIGEN SGP’s Galaxy Nexus cases have been reviewed by Droid Life and Android Police. Read the excerpts below to find out more.



Droid Life





Case Review: Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid and Ultra Capsule for the Galaxy Nexus


The fine folks at Spigen SGP sent over their series of Galaxy Nexus cases to review and we came away fairly impressed with all of them for the most part. They included three different types, but our focus was on the Neo Hybrid and Ultra Capsule cases. These both fit nicely onto the LTE Nexus even though Spigen designed them initially for the GSM version. And actually, I prefer the fit of these cases on the LTE Nexus over the GSM variant. Jump below to see our hands-on time with both… [read the full review here]




Android Police





[Review] SPIGEN SGP Crumena Case For The Galaxy Nexus: The Perfect Case For People Who Hate Cases


We’ve taken a look at a few different cases for the Galaxy Nexus over the past several weeks, but they’ve all been the same type of case: ruggedized. However, not everyone wants a case that is constantly attached to their device.


Some people prefer a much simpler approach, like a slipcase. That’s exactly what the Crumena case from SPIGEN SGP (formerly just ‘SGP’) is — and it’s a damn nice one.


With that, let’s dive in and take a closer look… [read the full review here]




Review: Klasden Series from iLounge+MacWorld

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The Klasden Series was designed with a hybrid quality of style and functionality. Featuring a tight weave nylon stitching that gives the bags a radiant glow, there lies a sophistication adjacent to the simplicity. This becomes evident when users open the bag and sees the myriad of carefully thought out compartments to store essentials, and feels the ultra-soft faux fur lining to add extra protection to the laptop.


We sent this backpack out to iLounge and MacWorld for review purposes. I’ve included their content below, but I recommend clicking the link in the title to visit their page as well.







United SGP Klasden Levanaus Backpack + Neumann Shoulder Bag


United SGP has released more products than we can count over the years, but for the most part, the company has focused on cases and accessories for Apple’s smallest gadgets. Now it is moving into nice laptop bags, having introduced the Klasden SeriesLevanaus Backpack ($90) and Neumann Shoulder Bag ($63). Both look like well designed, very functional carriers for your favorite MacBook. Updated January 23, 2012 with hands-on impressions and pictures!


As with pretty much every laptop bag we’re seeing these days, Levanaus not only has room for up to a 15” MacBook Pro, but also an additional pocket for an iPad or iPad 2 and plenty of extra holders for all your other daily needs. The back panels and shoulder straps are padded, providing more comfort over long period of time—and yes, having a comfortable bag is key to reducing arm and back fatigue. Neumann offers an alternative for those who prefer messenger bags. This one can store an 11” or 13” MacBook Air or Pro, and is fully adjustable depending on where you want it to hang on your body.Update: Having had a chance to examine the bags in person, we like what we’re seeing. The quality of the materials is very nice, especially the soft faux fur lining the inside laptop pocket. Both models feel well put together, and the Neumann shoulder bag strikes us as a particularly good deal given its design and finished feel. The only thing we’re not sure about is the choice of colors—no black or white, really?—though plenty of people will like the currently-available options.




Klasden Neumann Shoulder Bag is a solid all-around laptop bag


By Serenity Caldwell, – January 20, 2012


Shoulder bags are tricky beasts: Everyone has their own preferences about size, length, orientation (portrait or landscape), strap width, and color—it’s hard for one bag to check off every box. When vendors attempt to do just this, the bag often feels like a mishmash of too many different styles and features, and ends up being more clunky than functional.


In contrast, SGP’s $63 Klasden Neumann shoulder bag—available in charcoalviolet/yellowred,navy, or grey/baby blue—looks spectacularly minimal. (Note that SGP’s website is currently being redesigned; in the meantime, the company redirects visitors to its storefront.) Outwardly, the bag looks like a simple, rugged-nylon courier pouch, with a recessed, zippered pocket on the front, and another on the back, for miscellaneous objects. The main compartment is similarly minimalist, offering a faux-fur-lined laptop sleeve that’s secured shut with a Velcro strap, along with two slim, Velcro pouches and three pen holders. According to SGP, the bag is designed to fit laptops up to a 13-inch MacBook Pro; when carrying a smaller computer (an 11-inch MacBook Air, for instance), the Velcro strap prevents the laptop from sliding around.


The bag’s main strap consists of a smooth polyester—similar to a high-end seatbelt—with an adjustable, Velcro-clasped shoulder pad for ergonomic support. While the bag is a bit too big, length-wise, for my 5-foot-6 frame, taller women and men may find it a very nice fit. The bag’s body is curved to sit nicely against your waist, so that even when packed full, it doesn’t stick out or bounce around.


The Klasden Neumann isn’t the fanciest bag on the market, but it does its job well. If you’re a student, tech worker, or anyone who needs a good, all-around shoulder bag, I recommend checking it out.



SGP’s kuel f60Q Battery Charger

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With a plethora of new advancements in technology, along with the recent increase in LCD’s across all devices, it’s no wonder smartphone users have experienced sub-par performance with their phone’s battery life. Users across the globe have shared their tactics to preserve the life of their battery as long as possible. Applications that kill unnecessary programs running in the background have been introduced. Companies have manufactured extended batteries to prolong the usage of the device. However, time and time again, there are still many users out there who have seen the life of their battery extinguished when they needed it most.


Out of the three things I listed, I think extended batteries offer the most viable solution. However, most of them, like the one Droid Life covers here, would only offer around 13% more battery life. Other batteries don’t fare much better.


This is why I’m convinced that for people who consistently use their phone without the convenience of a wall outlet, portable chargers offer the best solution. Our kuel f60Q, for example, would charge most phones up to 3X. That’s a 300% increase in battery life.


How much value would you place going to a convention, catching a flight, or having meeting after meeting and never having to stress about your battery going from a healthy green to an angry red, at noon?


Below is a review of the Kuel f60Q by the ultra popular web blog Android Police. You can catch the full review here. Cameron, from Android Police, said the kuel f60Q is “hands down, the best portable charger that I’ve ever used…” We’re very thrilled to have received such positive marks from a publisher with notoriously high standards.


Update: Here’s another review of the kuel f60Q by Droid Life. Be sure to check them out!