GLAS.t Nano Slim Officially Announced!

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At long last we are proud to announce our newest and thinnest member of our GLAS family, the GLAS.t Nano Slim. The Nano Slim shaves down to an incredible .15mm of thinness! Even at .15mm the Nano Slim is rated at 9H hardness of 100% real tempered glass and offers a touch sensation that is unparalleled. The GLAS.t Nano Slim is for someone who is looking for the ultimate in scratch resistance and visual clarity without sacrificing weight. It is available now at our Official Webstore and will soon be available on our Official Amazon page and Official eBay page.


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15 Responses

  1. Diego says:

    What product will be the best for an iPhone 5s? I really love the look of the naked phone but I don´t want to add to much of an extra tickness to it. I really want a screen and rear protection that are invisible to the eyes. The Glast.R nano slim is much bulkier than the Glast.R nano slim? Wich of this 2 product will you recomend?

  2. Christian says:

    wird es das nano Glas mit 0,15mm auch für das galaxy Note 3 geben und wenn ja wann?

  3. Peter Gerdes says:

    9H hardness is great for scratches but tells me nothing about impact resistance.

    I want to know how effective it will be at stopping screen breakage and I can’t seem to find any quantitative information.

    For instance how do the different thicknesses of glass compare?

  4. wwm says:

    Sony Xperia Z version please.

  5. Carl Davies says:

    Please release for HTC One, the regular ones are just not thin enough for this phone as it doesn’t cover all front face.

  6. Sorin says:

    Will the glas.t nano be available for the HTC One?

  7. Amit Bedi says:

    Will it be also available for HTC ONE

  8. BQ says:

    Glass Tr Slim S4, Will come down in price?

  9. [...] like Spigens trying to clear out some stock of their GLASt Slim simdi that the Nano Slim has come out. Either way its a win for us consumer.s They’re offering a "full [...]

  10. Allyn says:

    Will this ever have the rounded edge or just as is?


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