Introducing Our Latest Innovation: The Slim Armor View!


This Slim Armor View case is the FIRST of its kind! Up until now you’ve had to choose between either a hard case or a  S-View enabled case, but no longer. The Slim Armor View takes our protective Slim Armor and combines it with our S-View compatible flip cover so bring you the ultimate case in protection and functionality. By using an innovative double hinge design, the front flip cover folds completely flat when opened allowing for ease of use without obstructing access to the buttons. Due to the precision necessary to create the Slim Armor View case stock will be limited. Currently the white is available with the black becoming available in the near future.



  • Toto says:

    Hey you will come out with Note 3 on this?

  • Tom C. says:

    I am really looking forward to purchasing the Slim Armor View for the Note 3 when it becomes available. Also hoping it is available in the champagne gold color.

  • Aprilia says:

    Please make it fort the Note 3,, you’ll get a tremendous success .. I bought a case just to wait until then.. Hurry ..

  • David says:

    Please make one for Note 3 I don’t care what it costs, I will buy it.

  • Joe says:

    Dear Spigen I hope this message gets your Production Teams attention should you wish not to reply back with an answer. Its been quite a while since the release of the SG-N3 and many of the case manufactures out there has made their mark in some way or other to gain attention in persuading us to part with our money and buy their designated product for our much loved phone devices. You how ever seem to have that prestigious position of presenting something in the market that’s “a clear winner” i.e. the Slim Armour View Case for the SG-S4. My question is, why take so long to bring one out for the SG-N3? For such a much larger screen it stands to reason making a Slim Armour View Case for the SG-N3 will also be successful winner, the list of people asking for one is more than a good example and going one step further am sure should you choose to do so, making a Slim Armour View Case for all the modern leading upmarket phones out there its a good possibility you could reach many, many more interests. Kind regards and thanks for the inventions thus far.

  • Mag says:

    Hoping you will come out with Note 3 Version on this :) best with champagne color too!

  • Marco says:

    Hi there,
    I love that design and especially the window for the S4.
    Is there any way that you are making a similar case for the Galaxy Note 3?

  • John says:

    I REALLY want one of these for my Note 3. Pleeeeeeeeease make one.

  • Sonny says:

    I have been using this case for the last 10 day with my Samsung S4…just outstanding.

    Tomorrow I am getting a Note 3 (to watch the Blackhawks games while my out for the evening (I call it compromise). Spigen please rush to market the Note 3 Slim Armor View.

    And Go Hawks!

  • Matt says:

    Please make this type of case for the GS4 mini

  • Rahul Kumar says:

    HI ,

    IS this available for Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

  • Tighe says:

    I hope you are making this case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Galaxy Note 3 is also capable of taking advantage of the window on the flip cover. Please let me know if you are going to make one for it. I noticed the Slim Armor case but I prefer the flip design for the Note. Thank you for making excellent product and well though out designs.

  • Lorence says:

    Would love this product for my new Xperia Z1. Will there be one? Or any other casings for the Xperia Z1?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Ivan says:

    I just got one 2 days ago for my Galaxy S4,. Really happy that I decided to buy this case, especially the black one. My phone fits perfectly in this case and the matte feel of the case really makes me want to hold on to my phone more than tuck it in my pocket. And the look immediately caught my eye when I first saw it. Definitely a triple threat of a case. I’m gonna get the white one as well!

  • John says:

    Will you guys be launching this case for the S4 mini?

  • Xperia says:

    Really love your products. Currently me (and a bunch of friends) are looking for this case for the Sony Xperia Z1. Is this on your roadmap and if so, when do you expect it to be for sale!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Benjamin says:

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia, interested in the SLIM ARMOR VIEW and the GLAS T NANO because i think it is better than the GLAS TR SLIM PREMIUM.

    1) is the casing compatible with either screen protector?
    2) how long does it normally take to ship to malaysia? (excluding the customs checking time as i think every country will go through different procedure on customs, but if you do know the time, that would be great)

  • G says:

    Will you be making this case for the Note 3? Please do.

  • James. says:

    Hi…I absolutely love this product. Just a shame there isn’t an aperture for the LED notification. Do you think you could make a case similar for the Galaxy note3? I would be the first customer!

  • TIGHE says:

    I like the way this case complements the Galaxy line of Devices. I do not have the Galaxy S4, But am getting the Galaxy Note 3. I have placed several comments on different forums of yours and would like to know if the Armor View is in the works. I would perfer this to samsungs own View cover.

  • Cynthia says:

    Wow, I want to buy one of these in a bright color. Any news of that happening soon?

  • Susan K says:

    My husband just got the Slim Armor View for his Samsung Galaxy S4, and I love it!
    Will you please, please, please make one for the HTC One soon?

  • smith says:

    I’ve been looking up these cases. I plan on purchasing one but I would like to know if other colors will become available. I saw other colors available for the slim armor view on ebay. However I know counterfeits exist.

  • Dave says:

    I bought one for my Samsung Galaxy S 4 ACTIVE. The phone will not fit the case. I notice that Samsung has made some changes to the Home key etc. Is there a slight size variation between the S 4 and the S 4 Active? If so, will Spigen make a case to fit the Active?

  • Jacob says:

    Do you have a list of authorized resellers?

  • Charlie Castillo says:

    Too bad you guys don’t have the Slim Armor for the Samsung Note 2…a beautiful design. Keep it up!

  • André says:

    I love this case, it protects all the phone without turning it into a brick.
    Will you guys make a Galaxy S4 mini version?
    I read in some sites that the window part doesn’t align really well with the camera lens, you should get that sorted out since it’s an almost perfect case.
    I would love to buy one for my S4 mini.

  • arispriatama says:

    I’ve bought this beautiful case and use it for two weeks now. satisfied, but starting to have a problem. notice a small bump at the speaker hole? when i flip the front case, the small bump scratch the front cover. so my front cover has a dent now, caused by the case itself. is there any solution, like can I buy just the front cover? I demand perfection so I really want to get rid of this dent

  • gary says:

    ,,Can you use the WiQiQi Samsung S4 Wireless Receiver and Versa Charger (induction charging) with this case?

  • Michael Kelley says:

    Really loving this case – Any chance for a discount promo code for it?!

  • oliver bauer says:

    im from germany…
    my question:
    is it compatible with the “Samsung Original EP-CI950IWEGWW Cover (kompatibel mit Galaxy S4) in weiß” ?
    i want to load with induction.

    gretz from hamburg


    • SPIGEN says:

      I’m sorry I’m not familiar with that product

    • goroncy says:

      no it is not. the case consists of two components. plastic one and rubber. the rubber will not fit with inductive cover. spiegen could prepare a spair/second rubber part for that by thay didn’t think of that.

  • FASimp says:

    Very nice! Just what I’ve been looking for. Will you be or CAN YOU PLEASE make this for the Note 2?

  • David Ewell says:

    If you made this Slim Armor View for the Galaxy Note 2, I would be highly interested in buying this series of case.

  • Zach W says:

    Will you be offering these in the same color lines as the Slim Armor cases? I would love to get one but I don’t want to get one now and then you come out with the light blue or red a month later.

  • ej jackson says:

    Wow thats a great lookin case cant wait to get my sgs4 in the black one. I own the slim armor case know but when this one gets released iam switchin that for sure. I also have the original samsung s view case. This puts two of both worlds together that makes it twice as good. Cant wait……

  • Max says:

    Wow!! That’s amazing I want It

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