Introducing the Spigen Ultra Flip Case For The Galaxy S4


The Spigen Ultra Flip Case is our answer to Samsung’s flip cover. Stated in the names, the Ultra Flip Case is a COMPLETE case with flip functionality while the flip cover is just a cover that replaces the backplate of the S4. We’ve built upon Samsung’s cover to create the superior Ultra Flip Case. Not only does it have the same  exact functionality but it offers the option to easily remove the case when you want to use another case. The flip cover is attached to the backplate so even if you wanted to remove it you would have to have another backplate available. We’ve also added in a card storage slot into the flip portion with a specially crafted edge that will avoid stretching to provide even more functionality. Available now in Metallic Black, Metallic Navy, Metallic Red, and Metallic White, the Ultra Flip Case blends seamlessly with the Galaxy S4. Go our store to see additional photos of your favorite colors!


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  • Anwer Daabouch says:

    Can you please help me with the choice of a case for my future Galaxy S4, There are so many that i’m a bit conused ?

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