It's GottaBe SGP. GottaBeMobile names SPIGEN SGP as the best Galaxy Note case.

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When a smartphone is expected to be an international and U.S. flagship phone, it makes creating cases and accessories convenient for accessory makers.We know what to expect, thus allowing us to come up with a variety of cases for the specific smartphone.


However, this means that we are up against other case companies who are doing exactly the same thing. More products equals more competition.Or does it?


At least for SPIGEN SGP, we get to strut our stuff with swagger as we continually get recognized by Android publishers as having the best accessories for Android smartphones. Just as phonearena chose SGP’s cases as three of the best Samsung Galaxy SII cases, we’ve once again proven that we tower over the competition.
(Oh, the arrogance!)


This time around, GottaBeMobile has chosen 2 SPIGEN cases out of 8 in their “Best Samsung Galaxy Note Cases and Covers.” Find out what they had to say about our Stehen and Valentinus Case.
Read the full article here.


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One Response

  1. GSMSavvy says:

    I’ve had a hands on experience with this one.
    It works like a charm and the screen really is huge (makes an iphone look very very small).
    I didn’t buy it though because you obviously need a purse to carry it.

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