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Starting Monday June 10th at 10am until Friday June 14th 5pm, we’ll be running a special FULL ARMOR set for our awesome fans. The FULL ARMOR set includes a Slim armor of your choice and a GLAS.t Slim screen protector. Only 100 of each Slim Armor color will be available which equals 500 total sets. The FULL ARMOR set will run for $39.99 while supplies last. As an added bonus we’re giving away a New Coated Backpack to one lucky winner  just because we feel like it! Leave us a comment on which Spigen S4 case you like the best and why for a chance to win the New Coated Backpack!

**All comments go through an approval process so please allow time before your comment appears

*** Contest has ended and the winner will be notified by email. Thank you for Participating!

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  • pete lam says:

    Spigen stuff is quality.

  • Steve says:

    Neo Hybrid, sexiest cases hands down!

  • Sam says:

    Enjoying my Full Armor set in Metal Slate. Adds some good edges to grip and solid protection. Love the color, too. I’m usually an “all black everything” guy, but the metal slate color gives a great contrast while still being classy.

  • Michael says:

    The neo hybrid metal slate is jaw-droppingly beautiful on the black s4

  • Jen says:

    I like the khaki, it matches my camo.

  • Ben says:

    I currently have the Neo Hybrid for my S4 and I think it’s probably one of the better cases I’ve had for a cell phone. Great finish, doesn’t add bulk and looks great!

    Being that I am a new Spigen convert I am now eyeballing the Leather Wallet Snap for my S4 as well.

  • Kvad says:

    Neo Hybrid – awesome!

  • Joe says:

    I like the leather wallet case snap because it is minimal, sexy and has a great thought-out design!

  • Jackson C. says:

    The one(s) I want the most are the red Neo Hybrid Case with the GLAS.t Slim screen protector because they get the job done!

  • Carlos Manas says:

    Neo hybrid. Cuz it looks awesome!!

  • Evaldas says:

    Slim Armor… says it all

  • Lim says:

    I really like the Ultra Flip View case for the Galaxy s4 from my experience because it has an amazing degine. it has a really slim fit and nice looking especially the shiny horizantal lines. Also, even though it is really light, it has strong durability.

  • Nicol says:

    I like the full armor cuz it’s sexy as hell and functional of course =]

  • Scott says:

    NEO HYBRID in Dante Red

  • Joe says:

    I ordered the Red Neo Hybrid with Ultra Crystal screen protectors and I must say it’s the most amazing case I’ve ever owned. The fit is perfect and it feels great in my hands. Thank you for developing a top quality product.

  • Michael Guevara says:

    I like the leather snap case. Big fan of Spigen here.

  • Melanie says:

    The Neo Hybrid is slim and sexy on the S4.

  • Daniel says:

    I like the slim armor cause it’s protected without adding bulk.

  • Trent says:

    Absolutely love the Leather Case Argos. Very stylish.

  • Keith Weber says:

    Huge fan of Spigen, I like the leather snap case, does casual and formal in one product, pure genius.

  • TAMIKA says:

    My favorite case is the Neo Hybrid! My galaxy S4 is protected! Love the design.

  • Vojta says:

    i like white SLIM ARMOR for its “sharp” style :)

  • Noah says:

    I like the Neo Hybrid the best. It provides just the right amount of protection with a great look and not a lot of added weight.

  • Lance says:

    The Neo Hybrid is by far my favorite. It feels great in my hand and protects it without added bulk. The S4 looks like it was made for this case.

  • Winston says:

    The full armor set – because I just ordered one. It’s so sexy you need the protection ;)

  • Brohan says:

    The Dante Red Neo Hybrid adds an awesome flare of color on my black S4

  • Brian N says:

    I love the Neo Hybrid because it looks and feels great in the hand.

  • Scott says:

    I like Spigen’s Neo Hybrid (Infinity White) for my Galaxy S4 the best! The rubber backing feels great to touch and the ergonomic design doesn’t make the phone too bulky.

  • Craig Kennedy says:

    I currently have the Leather Pouch with the S-View cut-out in it. It fits perfectly, nice and tight, and it’s made of real leather. Classic look, and the S-View works like a treat. Can recommend the pouch to anyone looking for stylish full phone protection.

  • Chris says:

    the neo hybrid because it’s not bulky but adds good protection

  • lashun says:

    the neo hybrid satin silver. it looks very nice and very slim.good amount of protection w/out the bulkiness

  • Eddie says:

    The Slim Armor because its very small yet protective

  • Stefan says:

    The Neo Hybrid for the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks best because it’s so thin , no bulk is added to the actual phone and the looks very sleek , and everyone asks me where I got my case from.

  • Herb says:

    Slim Armor… because it seems like the right balance of aesthetics and protection

  • Nelson says:

    I like the slim armor in red/black. I also have a commuter by otter box …but found it a tad bulky. Slim armor gets it just right!!

  • mike says:

    The silver satin neo hybrid looks sleek! It protects the phone all around!

  • Phuong Ha says:

    I definitely love the Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Flip View! very sleek

  • Jason says:

    The white case would definitely be the one for me. These cases are really awesome and premium. Gimme please!

  • Carol S. says:

    I love the white one – it looks clean and sleek

  • Michael says:

    Definitely the white Neo Hybrid to go with my white Galaxy S4! It’s the best looking GS4 case out and offers decent protection!

  • Brian says:

    Love my NeoHybrid already!

  • Michael L says:

    Neo Hybrid for sure! I love how it’s slim without the bulky feel to a case. Awesomeness!!

  • henry says:

    ultra thin air! i have insurance on my phone but i dont want scratches. this case is perfect.

  • Rendy Fnu says:

    Definitely the Neo Hybrid! I have red and silver, but I definitely prefer the red, as it is more eye-catching. Doesn’t hurt to show off your amazing phone just a bit!
    I like the design, very simple and clean. The matted back and the contrasting bumpers. Perfect combination. Protection is there, without the added bulk. Come out with more colors! Orange *hint hint*

  • Elli says:

    I really wanted the deal on the slim armor but I fall in love with Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid :( wish you would have that deal with the backpack for the Neo Hybrid as well.

  • Marie says:

    My favorite is the Neo Hybrid, minimalistic and stylish at the same time. Now if only I can buy a whole color set of the bumpers, i will be a happy camper!

  • Dharmik says:

    S4 its an amazing Revolution in TECH industry so JUST GO ANY BUY IT

  • Wilson Kasim says:

    I like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Neo Hybrid Dante Red Case, because the first time i saw it, i have fallen in love with the energic color, the red one! It’s so eye-catchy.

    The case is so light and fit all the phone.

  • Sean says:

    Right now I like the Neo Hybrid Case for the S4 because it keeps the phone very slim, but still has a good amount of protection. But I have never seen the Slim Armor in person yet so that may end up being my favorite.

    Also, I’m very much looking forward to the GLAS.t NANO SLIM. I think it’d go well with any of the cases :D.

  • Tania N says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Yellow Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy S4. It’s so perfect and the fact that it has two layers (the inner layer and the bumper) that have two different colors makes it that much more attractive. It not only looks sleek but the fact that it has the cutouts on all the right places makes it the perfect case.

  • Sam says:

    I got myself the neo hybrid metal slate. Very sleek and sexy look… it adds a little bulk but once you get used to it… its all gravy… Havent gotten myself a glas screen yet.. so i wouldnt mind checking out the limited edition full armor set… and the backpacks look tight… i wants one…

  • Chris says:

    Both neo hybrid and slim armor. Have yellow neo and slate slim. Both fit tighter and better than any other case I’ve ever owned. You get what you pay for. Far and away the best looking functional cases out there.

  • Jia Cheng Lean says:

    I love the Spigen Neo Hybrid for Samsung Galaxy S4 because it offers overall protection for my phone and good luxury looking as well. :)

  • Wing Keung So says:

    I like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Slim Ultra Fit Matte Hard Case because:

    First of all its matte so it feels amazing the surface.
    Secondly it is so thin so it looks nice not like the other bulky cases on the market.
    Thirdly its so cheap and does what it needs to.

  • Alin says:

    Love the red neo hybrid, if it’s red on black i like it. Though the slim armor look pretty well too and i was wondering what would be the additional cost of shipping for this limited edition set if i were to order it from romania.

  • oktet says:

    I just receive my Spigen Slim Armor Case, it’s the best case I’ve ever use. Good protection, nice design. I hope I’ll win a white slim armor case to switch between my metal slate slim armor. I’s just to put different color on my Galaxy S4. ^^

  • Rafael says:

    Hello Spigen Team,

    I like the “Galaxy S4 Leather Pouch Crumena View” because you can use the option of the front open cover to see the notification without removing the phone. You can answer calls, reject and view the hours, messages and more capabilities. Plus, genuine leather pouch, so is protected from external impacts and scratches.


  • DUANE says:

    I got the slim armor on my iPhone 5 vand love the way it looks, feels, & protects! A few days ago I got the Samsung Galaxy 4S so naturally I will be getting the Slim Armor for this phone. Not a hard decision to make with all the other cases on the market. THANKS SPIGEN.COM!

  • Kyle says:

    I love my Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid. It gives me the protection I need, especially when I’m on a photoshoot and reaching for a lot of equipment. I tend to sometimes drop things, so this is great. Plus it’s not overly huge and is still stylish and has a great grip. I’d KILL to have one of those backpacks. Looks like plenty of room for my macbook, tablet, phone and a lot more.

  • Elli says:

    I love the Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid. They are so thin and soft

  • Livivua Chandler says:

    i like the casual line because of the color choices

  • Jamie Wong says:

    If I win, I would like a set for my new GALAXY S4! I like the slim Armor the best because it give full body and lip protection! And plus, it is the BEST looking case out there.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Blake says:

    This is a tempting offer, thought I would prefer it be with the Neo Hybrid. I have some considering to do on whether I will buy it or not. That being said, I LOVE the look of the Crumena View and that may be the case I ended purchasing. I have owned the Crumena for another device a while back and it is one of my favorite cases I have ever owned. It would be cool if you offered that with a Glas.t as well.

  • Elizabeth Studley says:

    Just order the neo hybrid case. Can’t wait to get it. Your cases are the best and last the longest.

  • Sahan says:

    Neo Hybrid, it’s style and protection in one, style-ection.

  • AsafZ says:

    I like the Neo Hybrid case the best Because i just love the slickness and thinness of this case, also i love the creativity and thought dedicated for developing such a case, i think that’s what there are so many poor knock-offs for it :)

  • James says:

    That tough kind of protection will be the reason why i left a comment. Glass.tR on iPhone is the greatest thing, i hope it will protect my S4 too.

  • Asher says:

    Neo Hybrid, by far. The clean, black back makes the colors pop perfectly.

  • Anwer Daabouch says:

    I personally prefer the Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid, for its light aspect yet sufficient protection. I’m planning to buy one soon (Satin Silver Edition).

  • L a Tannya says:

    This would be sweet if I won!

  • BJ Lewallen says:

    Your cases look amazing!

    I’m getting a Galaxy S4 in a week or 2 and I’ve been shopping for cases and you guys by far have the best. I’d love to have one to show it off and tell people about all the different high quality cases you make. It opens my options on phones more knowing that even if i have a phone that I don’t like the feel of, you guys will make a case to make it feel 100% more durable and rugged.

    Keep Doing what you do

  • Samarjeet Mohanty says:

    I like the “Slim Armor Case” for S4 because it is –
    1. Slim enough to be Trendy
    2. Hard enough to be durable
    3. Colorful enough to make other cases jealous

  • Josh Kissel says:

    I love the neo hybrid! I think it compliments the GS4 like no other. However the slim armor has similar aesthetic appeal but offers just a bit more protection. So for me Slim Armor is the best!

  • cara says:

    I like the spigen neo hybrid case for the s4. I just really wish it came in pink!!!! :)

  • Jonathan says:

    I’ve been a fan of Spigen for a couple of years now and when I got my S4 this is the first place I checked for a case. In my opinion The Neo Hybrid series is the best looking case for the S4 I’ve ever seen. It has a beautiful slim design and may colors to choose from.This case keeps your phone sleek and premium looking, while providing protection This is all around the best case made for any phone ever!

  • Phuong Ha says:

    I am big spigen cases fans and I have bought so many spigen cases for my iphone 5 and iPad. However, in regard to samsung S4 cases, my favorite samsung s4 case is the Ultra Flip View because I think it is very sleek, great design as the case is very thin, and has unique interactive window viewing which allows quick access to the phone. This is definitely my favorite case for samsung S4. Thank you for making great cases!

  • April says:

    Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor! love the two tone options and obviously how the two different materials gives it a nice grip

  • Hadi Chandra says:

    I love Spigen S4 Neo Hybrid, Metal Slate is the best match for black S4, Satin Silver is great for white S4, and Yellow reventon is just pop up the color.

  • Michael Tran says:

    I really love the Neo Hybrid case for the S4! It offers a full-body protection with a colorful ring around the edge of the phone that gives it a unique flare and pop to it. It has made me reconsider about getting the new generation of iPhone and switching over to the S4! XD

  • Mr.House says:

    Neo-Hybrid Satin Silver. It keeps the same look of a naked S4, and isn’t too bulky. Gives nice shock and overall protection. It just looks clean and prime. Still slim enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. It’s a must have.

  • Son Choi says:

    Neo hybrid for my galaxy s4!

  • Vincenzo man says:

    The slim armor its slim doesnt at to many weights and you will never have to concern to let your s4 fall beacause the slim armor will absorbe the fall. And because of the inner part is rubber text material i will never have to be scared of scratches and the polycarbonate outer part adds steadyness to it and the lip makes me feel comfortable laying my screen on the tabel so i doenst scratche the beautiful back of thed case and the screen

  • Mike Bellfield says:

    My favorite case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 is definetely the Neo Hybrid. I just love the slimness of the case, it adds like no bulk and give the S4 a nice feel in the hand. And it just looks beautiful with the band around it.

  • Amy says:

    I like the Neo Hybrid case the best because it looks sleek and adds enough protection for your phone without all the extra bulk!

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