Note 3 Rumors

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Just as the excitement from WWDC dies down, rumors of the Note 3 are on the rise. The Galaxy Note which was deemed to become a failure took the mobile world by storm and created its own category: the phablet. Now in its 3rd iteration the Note 3 has some stiff competition in the phablet market. We’ve gathered all the rumors on the Note 3 to see if its got what it takes to take down the competition.

Release Date

  • The Note has traditionally been released in August and we don’t see why they would interrupt the release cycle in 2013


  • Its being projected that the Note 3 will increase from a 5.5 inch screen to a 5.9 inch screen.
  • The display should get a bump as well to full 1080p HD


  • Even though Samsung has been hinting at a major overhaul of the design of its products its not suspected to go into full effect until next year. Possibly the S5? Though unconfirmed the Note 3 will┬ámost┬álikely follow closely to the design of the S4
  • Its rumored that the Note 3 will slim down slightly from 9.4mm to 8mm.


  • The S4 runs on a Snapdragon 600 so its expected that it’ll run on at least the 600 or possibly be announced with the new Snapdragon 800


  • The S4 incorporates the PowerVR SGX 544MP3 to power its graphics. With the larger screen of the Note 3 we can expect either the same GPU or a possibly the next iteration of the Power VR SGX.


  • 2GB has become standard in Galaxy devices. Its possible we could see an increase of memory but 2GB seems to be sufficient at the current state.


  • The Note 3 will adopt the same 13MP camera as the S4


  • Being that its called the Note, even with the new “Air” functionality, the S-Pen will still be included with the Note 3.
  • The Note will adopt all the new features that was introduced with the S4.

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