Review: Galaxy Nexus Case by Android Police and DroidLife

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Does your Galaxy Nexus feel… naked? SPIGEN SGP’s Galaxy Nexus cases have been reviewed by Droid Life and Android Police. Read the excerpts below to find out more.



Droid Life





Case Review: Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid and Ultra Capsule for the Galaxy Nexus


The fine folks at Spigen SGP sent over their series of Galaxy Nexus cases to review and we came away fairly impressed with all of them for the most part. They included three different types, but our focus was on the Neo Hybrid and Ultra Capsule cases. These both fit nicely onto the LTE Nexus even though Spigen designed them initially for the GSM version. And actually, I prefer the fit of these cases on the LTE Nexus over the GSM variant. Jump below to see our hands-on time with both… [read the full review here]




Android Police





[Review] SPIGEN SGP Crumena Case For The Galaxy Nexus: The Perfect Case For People Who Hate Cases


We’ve taken a look at a few different cases for the Galaxy Nexus over the past several weeks, but they’ve all been the same type of case: ruggedized. However, not everyone wants a case that is constantly attached to their device.


Some people prefer a much simpler approach, like a slipcase. That’s exactly what the Crumena case from SPIGEN SGP (formerly just ‘SGP’) is — and it’s a damn nice one.


With that, let’s dive in and take a closer look… [read the full review here]




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