SGP’s kuel f60Q Battery Charger

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With a plethora of new advancements in technology, along with the recent increase in LCD’s across all devices, it’s no wonder smartphone users have experienced sub-par performance¬†with their phone’s battery life. Users across the globe have shared their tactics to preserve the life of their battery as long as possible. Applications that kill unnecessary programs running in the background have been introduced. Companies have manufactured extended batteries to prolong the usage of the device. However, time and time again, there are still many users out there who have seen the life of their battery extinguished when they needed it most.


Out of the three things I listed, I think extended batteries offer the most viable solution. However, most of them, like the one Droid Life covers here, would only offer around 13% more battery life. Other batteries don’t fare much better.


This is why I’m convinced that for people who consistently use their phone without the convenience of a wall outlet, portable chargers offer the best solution. Our kuel f60Q, for example, would charge most phones up to 3X. That’s a 300% increase in battery life.


How much value would you place going to a convention, catching a flight, or having meeting after meeting and never having to stress about your battery going from a healthy green to an angry red, at noon?


Below is a review of the Kuel f60Q by the ultra popular web blog Android Police. You can catch the full review here. Cameron, from Android Police, said the kuel f60Q is “hands down, the best portable charger that I’ve ever used…” We’re very thrilled to have received such positive marks from a publisher with notoriously high standards.


Update: Here’s another review of the kuel f60Q by Droid Life. Be sure to check them out!





  • Eugene Tan says:

    Is this available in Singapore?

  • glen ersly says:

    I have had the f60 for a few weeks now and really like it. Be aware of one thing: if you are using it to charge an ipad, and drain the F60 all the way doing it, it takes a few hours plugged in before it will start recharging the F60 and the blue lights registering the charge. iPhones don’t have this situation. only iPads, they really drain the F60….an overnight charge and it’s as good as new!

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