So What Exactly Is The Flip Mate?


Here at Spigen we’re constantly trying to innovate and develop products that customers not only want but need. We knew immediately that the Galaxy S4 would be immensely popular so we got to work thinking of what new cases we could develop that would complement the S4. One of those products is the Spigen Flip Mate. With the S3 Samsung began to introduce their own custom cases whenever they announced a new flagship device and the S4 is no different. For the Galaxy S3, Samsung introduced to Galaxy users the Flip Case. It was essentially a replacement back cover that had an attached flip cover that would protect the screen. With the release of the S4, Samsung has taken it a step further and added the S-View Flip Cover to its line-up. Both the Flip Cover and S-View Flip Cover replace the back cover of the S4. This essentially leave you with a protected front screen but a bare back on the S4. We decided not only did we want to protect the front of the phone but we wanted to protect the back of the phone as well. The Flip Mate does just that. It is specially designed and formed to fit Samsung S-View Flip Cover and Flip Cover. Available in both Crystal Clear and Soft Clear, the Spigen Flip Mate is the perfect “mate” to the official Flip and S-View case.



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